Bathroom Revamp

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Bathroom | 0 comments

The scope of this project was to enhance this small en-suite bathroom for the client. The size of the bathroom is only 1.78 m x 2.5 m.

How the original bathroom looked.

Two problems presented themselves: firstly, as the client is leasing we couldn’t do any structural changes or any improvements that would have to be left behind when she moves, and secondly her budget for this project was very tight.

We opted to place a loose-standing shelving unit for storage and a decorative metal feature on the opposite wall as a focal point. These add visual interest to an otherwise plain bathroom. We also added a large mirror to reflect light and visually enlarge the feel of the room.

Bathroom with mirror and wall feature

The client chose a soft fresh earth-toned grey for the walls, which can with minimal expense be repainted back to the original white should the landlord require it.

Shelving unit

The metal shelving unit was custom made to fit the small space, with two slatted wooden shelves and a wooden top. We painted the unit white, and the wooden top and shelves we painted the same colour as the walls. The metal design is both clean and modern, with decorative elements as the client loves Victoriana. Some of the same floral elements were repeated in the metal wall hanging, which was also custom-made for the client.

Wall feature

With candles lit this becomes one of the most romantic rooms in the home, and needless to say the client is really thrilled with the result and spends more time in the bath than ever. The client commented that in the high pressured and rushed age that we live in, it is a pleasure to come home and soak her cares away in a romantic, country style bathroom.