The client had inherited a priceless antique crystal chandelier, however they were reluctant to hang it in their home for fear of it breaking, as it is a family heirloom from a very dear grandmother.

It was necessary to reroute power to the spot where the chandelier would hang, and secure it into a hollow core area in a rib and block ceiling slab, and then create an ambience in the room to complement both the chandelier and the rest of the home.

Rerouting the power

As you can see we took every precaution to ensure that the mountings were secure and would carry more than triple the weight of the priceless treasure.

We hung buckets filled with cement for several days to test the mounting.

Fitting classic mouldings and cornices to complement the beautiful chandelier, and adding a new coat of paint on a feature wall, has created a balance between old and new which suits the mix of antique furniture and modern appliances.

The pricless chandelier in place.