Glass bi-fold doors and aliminium shutters.

The newly completed, unfurnished room. The bi-fold glass doors and aliminium shutters fold right back for easy access to the outdoor entertaining area.

One of our special repeat customers whom we’ve been assisting for years requested we build on a cosy tv room. The area chosen had several challenges;

  1. The house has many different levels all with different pitches to the roof;
  2. The area chosen was quite dark, and because of the limitations of the space, allowing natural light in through conventional windows was out of the question;
  3. The client wanted large opening doors (an entire wall length) but was also security conscious;
  4. As always in Cape Town the weather forecast predicted one thing but what happened in reality was quite different.

The area before the extension

Apart from it beginning to rain in the middle of throwing the floor and foundations (much needed rain but unfortunately not predicted by the forecast) which delayed the project by a week and a half, we managed to fit in all the requirements the client had by adding a large sky light and bi-fold glass and shutter doors. This really opens up the house to the outside entertainment area. The aluminium shutter doors offer great security even on summer evenings when the client wants to cool the house down by leaving the glass doors open, and just opening the shutter louvres, which allows the summer evening breeze to blow through.

Glass bi-fold doors.



We added a large skylight to flood the room with natural light.

The modern fireplace adds to their decor style nicely and is fuel efficient, warms the whole home and makes this a lovely and cozy room to snuggle up in on those long cold afternoons. We fitted vinyl floor tiles to match the rest of the house which allow for easy cleaning and are 100% waterproof, preventing the client from getting water damage from the dogs running in and out the house. The African wall and ceiling lamps were exactly what the client wanted for this part of their home.


A dark, dead area at the back of the house has been transformed into a cosy and snug TV area.


African chandelier.

This African styled chandelier was hung in the adjoining room to tie in with the lamps in the new TV room.


Aliminium louvre shutters and bi-fold glass doors.

The doors and shutters can be used independently of each other.