Rags to Riches Bathroom

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This bathroom underwent a Cinderella transformation. The original bathroom(s) consisted of two separate rooms, one with a toilet and one with a bath, and the wish of the client was to convert these two small 60’s style rooms into one larger, modern bathroom.

Breaking out begun in the original toilet. These rooms were due for an upgrade.

The original toilet. A small recess was retained when the window was bricked up to provide a shelf above the vanity in the new bathroom.

We broke out all the old fittings and the dividing wall, making one large room. We then had the problem of two small windows close to each other. We kept the window above the toilet and closed up the door and the window in the original bathroom, leaving a small recess into which we fitted a mirror. This recess provides a handy shelf above the stylish new vanity, giving the new room a refreshingly modern look that blends in nicely with what the client wants in the rest of her home.

A walk-in shower was created where the old bath stood, giving the room a streamlined style and allowing easy access for elderly guests who visit frequently. The frame-less glass shower panel incorporates a full length mirror on either side, both practical and aesthetic as it reflects light into the room and allows a full length view whilst dressing.

The challenge in this project was the time constraint. The client needed the upgrade completed within a certain time frame as she had promised her son, who sadly passed away a few months earlier, that the bathroom would be completed by a certain date. We were able to achieve this for her.
We would like to commend her for her bravery during the difficult time of seeing the project through and thank her for giving us the opportunity to assist her with this memorial to her son.

“I would like to thank Haferungs Home Improvement specialists for my beautiful, renovated bathroom during the past weeks. I’ve found your business very reliable and professional and will recommend your business to other who is in need of renovations.
Most of all I would like to thank you for the way you treat me as a customer. You delivered 100%.
Thank you
Susan ”