New vanity and mosaics

New vanity and mosaics

So there’s those 101 things around the home that need doing and husband dearest is just way too busy to get things done – but let’s give credit to a hard-working man who is working for his family – because that is where we come into the picture. We’ll come in and help you get that dream home into shape, while hubby earns the money.

Do you need a new braai area built? Maybe a small trellis fence in the garden, or a geyser in the wendy? No job is too big or too small.

From repairing roof sheets to tiling and everything in between. Let us be the ones to offer you the professional finish you so desperately desire in your home improvement or renovations project.

New kitchen door

New kitchen door made to match the original.


New kickplate in the kitchen.


Sometimes all you need is a new hinge.


Before: The old fence that screened the garbage bin area


After: The new fence