Where is all the water going?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | improvements

Water tank installation

With the current drought in our beautiful part of the country some of my clients have opted for rainwater tanks to conserve as much of this limited resource as possible.
There are of course always restraints and parameters governing what can be done.

Here are two examples of what we have already put in place for some of our repeat customers:

In the first example there was no guttering whatsoever and very little space in which to install the tanks and pumps, however we managed to find perfect solutions to all the problems that arose with this project.

New guttering

Guttering fitted to feed both tanks.



Guttering feeding both tanks


Owner managed

All works are owner managed.

In the second example the difficulty was in getting the water into the tanks which had to be placed away from the house. This is an ongoing project as you will see from the photos. At present we have laid a concrete slab and installed the first tank. With time and as the budget allows, a further 3 tanks will be installed and these will all be attached to the current system.

Garden before water tank installation

The site before the installation of the water tank.


Guttering fitted to carry the water to the site of the tank.


Water tank installed

The first of four tanks installed.